A graduate of Harvard College and the Yale School of Medicine, Kwabena “Bobo” Blankson serves as a medical consultant to positive psychology consulting firm GoodThink, with a focus on stress, burnout, and resilience. Doctor Bobo is a Board Certified pediatrician with subspecialty training in Adolescent Medicine. He has over 13 years of military experience, and recently joined the Girls to Women Health and Wellness Clinic in Dallas, TX to launch Young Men’s Health and Wellness. Doctor Bobo has published in peer-reviewed journals on adolescent healthcare utilization, obesity and energy-drink consumption and has been featured on,,,,,, and more. Most recently, he served as a featured expert on Oprah’s Happiness OCourse.

In 2015, Dr. Blankson joined Girls to Women Health and Wellness clinic in Dallas and has launched Young Men’s Health and Wellness.  Dr. Bobo’s work includes teaching doctors-in-training how to talk to tweens about health issues in both a sensitive and culturally relevant way, elements of which are incorporated into The Saucier’s Bonesa novel he wrote for teens that allows him to take off his white coat and address healthy living in a fun and nonjudgmental format. His Ghanaian heritage and Southern upbringing give him an eclectic perspective into the world of cooking. He explains, “As a child I learned to embrace a Third-World mentality of ‘eat what you need, leave nothing on your plate’; but coming of age in Alabama, I observed a growing obesity epidemic attributable to the American trend of ‘eat what you want, have seconds.’” Dr Bobo’s book blends his experiences treating obesity in the pediatric population with his love of African storytelling, young adult literature, and cooking.


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